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Giant Operation Game Hire from Enterleisure Giant   Operation   table   game,   based   on   the   old   favourite   but   now   blown   out   of   all   proportion,   carry   out   that   Giant   Operation   on   our hilarious, life sized Giant Operation 'patient', one false move and the buzzer sounds.
Body   Bits,   the   classic   cartoon   character   style   Giant   Operation version   with   fantastic   artwork,   seaside   postcard   style,   a   nose that   lights   red   and   a   buzzer   to   let   you   know   if   the   'surgeon'   has made a slip up. Enterleisure deliver and supply throughout the UK and Europe. Body Bits measures 1.85m long and 0.85m wide Free Standing with hospital green valance Battery powered, safe and convenient One   of   our   most   well   travelled   games,   we   have   supplied   this attraction    to    events    in    Vienna,    Athens    and    Monte    Carlo, fabulous   fun   wherever   they   go,   great   for   parties   (where   we   only supply   them   with   staff),   Exhibitions,   Seminars,   Expositions   and Trade Fairs. Perfect   for   exhibitions,   open   days,   trade   fairs   and   fun   days   as well    as    great    fun    at    parties,    Giant    Operation    Hire    from Enterleisure.
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Giant Buzzwire Hire, the steady hand challenge, battery powered and compact, email us for details
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Racing Car Simulators Enterleisure   offer   a   superb   range   of   Racing Car   Simulators   and   Aston   Martin   Simulators for    hire    throughout    the    UK    and    most    of Europe,    racing    car    simulator    packages    for parties,   racing   car   simulators   for   exhibitions and     racing     car     simulators     for     corporate occasions    and    showroom    launches,    racing car       simulator       services       for       functions, spectaculars,        balls    and    black    tie    events, Aston    Martin    Simulator    Hire    is    perfect    for James Bond or Casino Royale Parties. Now   with   VR   Option,   don   the   Virtual   Reality Headset    and    strap    your    self    in    for    ultra realistic    racing    action,    with    vibrating    seats and   wheels,   we   are   looking   for   the   fastest   lap of    the    day    and    bring    a    Top    Gear    style Magnetic    Leaderboard    to    display    those    lap times   but   brace   yourself,   it   really   does   feel   as though you are right there behind the wheel. We   have   a   choice   of   43”   or   60”   HD   Screen options   and   if   you   have   the   space   can   specify massive   100”   or   200”   projection   screens   with sound systems to match.
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Thrilling,   entertaining   and   memorable,   whether   you   are   planning   a party    with    a    007    theme    and    want    to    add    some    Aston    Martin Simulators   or   exhibiting   at   a   trade   fair   and   want   to   add   a   cutting edge   experiential   attraction   with   a   Virtual   reality   Simulator   we   have the   knowhow,   the   equipment   and   the   experience   to   supply   you   with the best in Racing Car Simulators. We   offer   a   choice   of   Top   Gear   style   Magnetic   Display   Leaderboards or   the   latest   digital   touchscreen   Leaderboard   Displays   and,   as   with everything   Enterleisure   supply   we   have   a   wide   range   of   branding options. Enterleisure deliver and supply throughout the UK and Europe.
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